Hi, I'm Jenny

I'm a dreamer, designer, & creator who loves intentional giving. Did you know that a person's favorite word is their own name? While I work hard to teach my children that people > things, I do believe there is something truly special about thoughtful giving.

What I hope you discover while you're here is that our handmade gifts help you give presence, not just presents. I hope that our products help deepen the connection you have with your loved ones by providing opportunities to experience the joy of giving and receiving something unique, together.

By the way, this is my family: Big Mike, "Sissy", "Brother", and our giant puppy Max. They are why I'm here, and what keeps me going.

Thanks for stopping by our corner of the interwebs! I hope you find everything you're looking for, and fall in love with handmade gifts all over again.

- Jenny


photo credit: margaret fallin fallinphotography.com